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Born in Toronto, Canada, Sunthar has found his artistic home in London, England, captivating audiences since 2019 with his distinctive humor and perspective. As an openly queer Tamil comedian, Sunthar brings an unparalleled authenticity and relatability to every performance. His ability to connect deeply with audiences stems from his unique blend of life experiences and perspectives. 

With a proud Tamil queer identity and the experience of being a child of refugees, Sunthar's comedic storytelling transcends boundaries and resonates with audiences from diverse backgrounds. Their ability to connect with people on a deep level has earned them a loyal following and widespread acclaim.


A firm believer in the power of representation and diversity, Sunthar took the initiative to found London's first Tamil Comedy Club. This groundbreaking venture has taken the comedy scene by storm, regularly hosting sold-out shows that leave audiences roaring with laughter. With performances offered in both English and Tamil, Sunthar ensures that everyone can join in the fun, going the extra mile by providing English translations when needed.

Sunthar's meteoric rise in the comedy world can be attributed not only to their live performances but also to their highly successful half-hour comedy special titled "HOME." This critically acclaimed production has consistently sold out prestigious venues in Toronto, London, and New York, leaving audiences craving for more.

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In addition to their live shows, Sunthar has embraced the power of social media, utilizing various platforms to expand their reach and engage with fans. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, their online presence has experienced exponential growth, attracting over 2 million monthly visitors who eagerly await their latest comedic gems.


Recently, Sunthar embarked on a triumphant mini tour across prominent Indian cities, including Chennai, Bangalore, Goa, and Bombay. Audiences of up to 150 people were left in stitches as Sunthar's comedic prowess took center stage. Building on this success, Sunthar is now actively working on an ambitious independent world tour that promises to bring their unique brand of humor to major cities across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and India.


Step into the world of Sunthar V and experience the transformative power of laughter. As one of the comedy industry's most exciting and influential voices, Sunthar is reshaping the landscape with their unmatched talent and captivating storytelling. Join the journey and be part of the laughter that knows no boundaries.

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